Monday, 17 September 2007

Message from Ruud

Hello Julie Anne Dave and Jacob
Mrs Edith McNally would be very welcome to visit us. I can show her around at the school and the rehabilitation centre. The rehab and school are in one building. We have 200 children visiting our school. The students that follow the music program would love to play some music for her. So she is very welcome for a visit! I think it would be very interesting to exchange idea's, also I can say that our school Principal Jan Kraaienbrink would like to meet her too.
Is Jacob playing his first tunes?
I just finished these pages. It is a collection of song I use for playing with my students is in the common musical notation
and is that same collection in the easy to read musical notation that we use over here.
If you have troubles with finger position or the D and E let me know please.
Keep on rocking Jacob!
Ruud van der Wel

Sunday, 16 September 2007

visit from Australia

Hello Ruud and all at Mybreathmymusic!
Hope you had a nice holiday Ruud.
We have been talking recently at Jacob's school about his WX5 and his friends in The Netherlands.
Ironically, the Principal from Jacob's High School, Mrs Edith McNally is travelling to your part of the world over the next few weeks and may call by to see you. She has visited our blogspot and if she gets the time will contact you Ruud and make a time to perhaps meet with some of the boys. She is fluent in Dutch and is very impressed with what you are doing in The Netherlands.